The Young Presidents returned to the great power core of rock music – guitar, bass and drums – on their debut album, Freedom of Speech, a collaboration of musicians from different worlds, united by music. Rejecting the influence of indie bands for the influence of good ol’ rock and roll, Freedom of Speech has a totally fresh sound, blending modernity and awesome songwriting with a back to basics approach.

Renowned alt-rock producer, John Agnello – who has worked with Sonic Youth and Cyndi Lauper – produced Freedom of Speech. It was recorded at The Magic Shop in New York City – host to The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Arcade Fire and Norah Jones among other rock luminaries.

Freedom of Speech was mastered on 2-inch analog tape – at once “old school” and cutting edge in its superior sound quality and technology.

Engineer: Ted Young
Mix: John Agnello
Mastered as Sterling Sound by Greg Calbi
Producer: Mitchell Kaneff
Album Art and Design: Mark Ohe
Photography: Deneka Peniston
Packaging Production: Arkay Packaging
Piano, B3 Organ, Rhodes: Mike Nishimura
Background vocals: Steve Augeri

The Young Presidents band was formed when local Manhattan owner of Euphoria Studios, Dave Sokol, introduced Jake Hertzog to Mitch Kaneff. They’ve been jamming and writing music ever since and their collaboration continues on their new releases, “Never Far Away Runwang Remix (feat. Kali)” and “ Unacceptable You (Feat. Corey Glover).

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